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Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB)

30 November 2010 170 comments

Kelmarin baru dilancarkan 1 lagi dana untuk mereka yg ingin melabur dalam sektor hartanah. Saya belum baca prospektusnya lagi. Dana ni khas untuk Bumiputera. Setakat ni  saya belum dapat maklumat yg mencukupi dan meyakinkan, jadi tunggu dan lihat dulu.

Maksimumkan Keuntungan Pelaburan ASB anda dengan Pakej Easy-ASB

Berikut petikan penuh drp bernama:

PHB lancar Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera bersaiz RM1 bilion


KUALA LUMPUR: Pelaburan Hartanah Bhd (PHB) hari ini melancarkan dana pelaburan Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) bersaiz RM1 bilion, yang membolehkan pelabur Bumiputera menyertai pemilikan benefisial aset hartanah.

Skim pelaburan itu yang dilancarkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak di sini, terbuka kepada pelabur Bumiputera berumur tiga bulan ke atas, dengan pelaburan permulaan sebanyak RM500.

“Melalui skim pelaburan yang berlandaskan syariah ini, Bumiputera secara tidak langsung akan berpeluang untuk memiliki pegangan dalam hartanah utama. Unit-unit amanah ini akan diniagakan pada harga tetap RM1 seunit,” kata Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif PHB Kamalul Arifin Othman pada majlis pelancaran skim itu di sini hari ini.
Beliau berkata pihaknya bekerjasama dengan Maybank bagi memudahkan pelabur menjalankan urusan transaksi skim amanah itu.

“Sehubungan itu, pelabur yang berminat boleh mengunjungi cawangan Maybank, yang mempunyai kira-kira 400 cawangan di seluruh negara, untuk membeli unit-unit AHB,” katanya.

Mengenai pulangan AHB, Kamalul Arifin berkata pihaknya menjangkakan pulangan yang bakal diterima pelabur skim itu tidak kurang daripada enam peratus berdasarkan prestasi hartanah di kawasan Segitiga Emas.

Beliau berkata Pelabuhan Hartanah juga akan memperbesar saiz skim amanah itu pada masa depan.
Katanya pihaknya akan terus mengenal pasti peluang-peluang perniagaan melalui pembelian hartanah perdana serta membangunkan projek hartanah, terutama dalam sektor pembangunan hartanah komersial.

“Kami merancang membesarkan saiz dana sebanyak RM500 juta lagi tahun depan,” katanya.

Ditubuhkan pada Mei 2006, PHB ialah anak syarikat Yayasan Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera, yang aktiviti utamanya sebagai syarikat pemegang pelaburan.

Pada masa ini, nilai hartanah miliknya melebihi RM1 bilion, kebanyakannya di Lembah Klang. – BERNAMA

Gandakan Wang anda dengan Unit Trust. Jangan lepaskan peluang ini.

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Servis 4G Broadband dilancarkan hari ini oleh YTL

19 November 2010 5 comments

Hari ini akan diumumkan tentang topik hangat minggu ni iaitu servis 4G. YTL sebut ini adalah yg pertama di dunia. Kita tunggu cerita selanjutnya hari ni. Berapa kos? Kelajuan? Plan? Apa pulak respons Digi, Maxis dan Celcom. Sama-sama lah kita tunggu.


Hartanah: Jual Sekarang atau Tunggu Lagi?

15 November 2010 Tinggalkan komen

Artikel menarik drp StarProperty yg saya ingin kongsi bersama pembaca blog ni.

Q&A: How would you know if it is the right time to sell?

Dear Azizi Ali,


I purchased a condo unit in SS2 some 15 years ago. The property hasn’t appreciated until recently, about 70% from the purchase price. I’m considering selling it before prices might drop as indicated by some of my friends, and use that money to get property when the price is right.

Right now, I’m unsure whether to sell it or not as the property is freehold and this place is centralised.  Moreover, there’ll be a mall coming up soon. The reason of my indecisiveness is because I’m afraid that the price of my property might increase further. Thus, I will lose if I sell it now. So I’m in a very confused state.

How do you tell if this is the right time to sell or not? I’ve been holding on for so long and I don’t want to make a mistake again.

Looking forward to hear from you.



Hi Annie,

From what you have written, prices remained flat for many years and only shot up in recent years. That is probably because the value of most other properties in PJ (Petaling Jaya) rose in the last couple of years. Actually, the rise of 70 percent in 15 years translates into an annual growth of only 3.6 percent! This is hardly a stellar performance.

So, you could certainly do better elsewhere. At the same time, you are also concerned that prices may rise further because of the freehold status, centralised location and the upcoming mall. So if you sell now, you would probably be kicking yourself if the prices shot up after that! Your indecision is not unusual, Annie. Actually, it happens to basically all of us.

One reason for this is because we are getting conflicting signs from different sources. For example, some people are saying that there is a property bubble in Malaysia now. Others are saying otherwise. Now, both camps can prove their points with facts and figures. This being the case, it is little wonder that it confuses a lot of innocent bystanders.

So, this is very much like real life – the planets are never properly aligned. The lights are never all green or all red; it is always a combination of both. The best we can do is to weigh the options and then make the decisions based on our knowledge, experience, research and perhaps even gut feel.

If you want a more direct answer, then perhaps you should consider selling as you (1) already made money; (2) can settle your mortgage (assuming you still have one, of course); (3) free yourself from interest rate rises; (4) are exiting an overheating market; (5) accumulate capital for your next investment.

In case you missed it, sell not because your friends advised you to, but because it looks to be the better decision. I need to add a couple more points: The first is that you can never sell right at the top, so stop thinking about it. The few people that did so had luck on their side. Next, after you sell, don’t look at the property anymore. Detach it from your mind and move on. You’ll be a happier person by doing so. Instead, concentrate your thoughts on your next investment.

Anyway, the worst case scenario is that the price may rise further after you sell. Since you already made your money from the purchase, I think you can live with that.


Azizi Ali

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The U.S. property crash – could it happen here?

9 November 2010 Tinggalkan komen

Let me share a little about the recent property crash in the U.S. with you. The  reasons may be obvious as you read the article. The inflation-adjusted property prices in the U.S. have gone up and down from years 1890 to 2000. Prices dropped well below the 1890 values during the Great Depression, rose after World War II and rose further during the 1970s boom. However, prices simply shot up and rose by almost 100 percent in the six years from 2000 to 2006. In fact, in some places (namely Boston, Los Angeles and Manhattan), prices rose by more than 100 percent.

These are some of the reasons for the boom (I’m giving the abbreviated version due to space constraints):

1. Low interest rate
At that time, the interest rate went as low as one percent. This further  encouraged the already high spending Americans not to save money. This also meant that the interest rate charged for mortgages were low – about four or five percent. This is a dream situation for property investors.

2. High loans margins
The loan margins were as high as 100 percent, which meant that the borrower does not need to fork out any money to buy a property. This in turn meant that they could buy a string of properties.

3. Flexible mortgages
While mortgages used to be simple – fixed interest rate and fixed term – they were not user-friendly. So the banks came up with more user-friendly mortgages. These included interest only mortgages, ARMs (Adjustable-Rate-Mortgages), honeymoon mortgages (those with low initial interest rate) and even assumable mortgages.

4. Questionable borrowers
As the party went on and the lending standards loosened, banks and mortgage brokers were giving out mortgages to just about anyone – even people with bad credit history and college students. Yes, you read that right – mortgages to college students, those who are still studying and therefore have no income yet! These are termed NINJA loans – No Income, No job or Assets. One American writer made an interesting comment on this, “Try giving out free booze and see if you don’t attract some winos to your party!”

5. Current owners treating their houses as ATMs (automated teller machines)
Even current property owners got sucked into the euphoria as well. They saw their property rise in value. So they refinanced their property to get access to the cash. So while, the original mortgage was almost paid off, they are now bearing the burden of new mortgages costing hundreds of thousands. Of course, as long prices kept on rising, this is not a problem. Needless to say, the owners also went to town with the money from the refinancing – taking expensive vacations (hopefully to sunny Malaysia), buying new cars, renovating the house and of course, buying other properties.

As a result, prices shot up by double-digit percentages every year after 2000. But of course, such increases cannot be sustained especially when income only rose by two percent per annum in the same six-year period. Once the sub-prime problem surfaced, the property bubble burst. Prices have dropped by 30 or 40 percent, and is still trending downwards today.

As you read the above points, don’t they look familiar? Don’t they look very familiar?

Now I’m not saying that what happened in the U.S. will happen here. Different country, different time. Still, when the warning signs are up in the air, coupled with the uncertainties in the air (possibility of further interest rate hikes and lower LVR (loan-to-value ratio) and the massive challenges (possible collapse of the dollar and insolvencies of major European countries) in this new decade, I’m not waiting to find out. Following my footsteps, many of my clients have sold some of their properties in recent months. By doing so, they enjoy actual profits and reduce their loans’ burden and exposure to the overheated market. And yes, the profits made from the sale also meant that they have more money to capitalise on the exciting opportunities in the near future.

Perhaps you may want to consider doing the same.


Artikel menarik yg saya ingin kongsi bersama utk mereka yg melabur dlm hartanah.


Hartanah Kekal Menjadi Mainan Orang Banyak Cash

8 November 2010 Tinggalkan komen

Minggu lepas, Bank Negara mengumumkan kenaikan LVR (loan-value ratio) kepada 70% untuk pembelian rumah ke-3 dan ke atas. Ini bermakna makin susah lah bagi pelabur yg baru ingin berjinak-jinak dengan hartanah. Hanya untuk 2 rumah pertama, pembeli boleh mendapat pinjaman sehingga 90%.

Kesannya kpd pelabur kecil-kecilan amat besar. Untuk hartanah bernilai 100K misalnya, pembeli perlu mengeluarkan dari poket sendiri sebanyak 30K. Ini tidak termasuk kos guaman, repair dsbnya. Sebab tulah, bidang hartanah akan terus menjadi padang permainan orang yg banyak cash di tangan.

Bagi kakitangan kerajaan, mereka masih ada kemudahan pinjaman 100%. Dan beberapa badan korporat besar yg memberi kemudahan pinjaman rumah, pekerjanya masih boleh dapat keistimewaan subsidi pinjaman (interest rendah, dan amaun pinjaman yg lebih besar).

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iPhone dan Angry Bird

4 November 2010 Tinggalkan komen

Jualan iPhone kini telah mencecah 17 juta unit (termasuklah iPhone 4, 3GS, 3 dan 1). Dan Angry Bird pula adalah Games iPhone paling popular dengan menduduki carta nombor 1 hampir di semua negara.

Angry Bird dijual pada harga 1 US dollar (RM3.10). Setakat ini jualan Angry Bird telah mencecah lebih 10 juta download, maknanya nilai hasil jualan telah melebihi 10 juta dollar (lebih RM31 juta). Huhuhu, jual Games murah-murah pun boleh jadi kaya.


iPhone 4

Angry Bird – iPhone Games


Kereta Wish Bukan Idaman Lagi

3 November 2010 4 comments

Hari ni, saya nak berkongsi dgn pembaca tentang kereta. Bukan pelaburan, liabliti, tapi di Malaysia, kereta sudah menjadi keperluan memandangkan perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam yg tidak efisien terutamanya di kawasan luar KL.

Ini kereta yg pernah menjadi idaman, tapi sudah bukan idaman lagi, sebab telah pun dimiliki 🙂 …sekadar berkongsi kegembiraan dengan pembaca blog ni…

Telah mampu dimiliki, hasil melabur dalam asb, hartanah, saham dan macam-macam…


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