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Book of The Week: Investment Biker

Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Those wanting to make a killing on the Botswana stock exchange should pass up this book. Combining a travel narrative with economic advice, Rogers, who teaches business at Columbia, recounts his 20-month global motorcycle tour with his “tall, leggy and blonde” 23-year-old girlfriend, Tabitha. As the two pass through a region, he sizes up the local economy and recommends investment strategies. Often Rogers’s tips seem on the mark, as in Eastern Europe and Asia. Yet for other places, Africa in particular, he appears uninformed. Predicting Zaire’s imminent collapse, Rogers declares, “Zaire hasn’t had its civil war yet,” ignoring the Congo crisis of 1960-1965. Such inaccuracies mar what is otherwise an entertaining and unique world tour. Overall, the intended breezy blend of business and travel instead feels like the zigzagging of a man who rarely leaves his preconceptions behind, no matter what lies in front of him. Author tour.


Harga Petrol RON95 Tak Jadi Naik Lagi?

Sekejap kata naik. Hari ini kata tidak naik. Tapi saya yakin, harga petrol RON95 akan dinaikkan juga nanti. Cuma tunggu masa yang sesuai.

Berikut petikan penuh daripada BERNAMA:

PUTRAJAYA:  The government has decided to maintain the prices of RON95 petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas for the time being.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said on Wednesday, May 25 the decision was made after an in-depth discussion on subsidy rationalisation at the weekly cabinet meeting.

“The decision was made taking into consideration the interest of the people,” he told a news conference at his ministry, here.

The government would however continue to study the need for subsidy rationalisations in view of the increase in the prices of oil and gas in the global market.

Asked whether there was any discussion on the time frame for the prices to remain, Ismail Sabri said there was no discussion about time frame. – Bernama


Dilindungi: Buat Duit Melalui IPO

26 Mei 2011 Masukkan kata laluan anda untuk melihat komen.

Kandungan ini dilindungi kata laluan. Untuk melihatnya sila masukkan kata laluan di bawah.

Cuti Raya Tambahan

25 Mei 2011 1 komen

Ini memang berita baik untuk individu spt saya ni. Tapi mungkin tidak utk majikan di sana.

Ikuti petikan daripada BERNAMA:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has decided to declare an additional public holiday this year in view of Hari Raya overlapping with National Day on Aug 31.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan said the date of the additional holiday would be subject to the setting of the Hari Raya dates by the Conference of Rulers.

If the first day of Hari Raya fell on Aug 30 and the second day coincided with National Day, then Sept 1 would be declared as the additional public holiday, he said in a statement yesterday.

If the first day of Hari Raya falls on Aug 31 and coincides with National Day, then Sept 2 will be declared as the additional public holiday.

Mohd Sidek said the additional public holiday for peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Labuan was gazetted under Section 8 of the Holidays Act 1951.

“The state governments of Sabah and Sarawak are in the process of gazetting the additional public holiday under Section 9 of the Holidays Ordinance of Sabah and Section 5 of the Public Holidays Ordinance of Sarawak, respectively,” he said.

Mohd Sidek said it was hoped that the announcement would avoid confusion and facilitate early preparations to celebrate Hari Raya and National Day. — Bernama


Cerita Emas Terkini

Ikuti petikan berikut daripada Bloomberg. Buat masa ni, saya agak bullish dgn logam berharga terutamanya emas.

Gold May Advance For Third Day

Immediate-delivery gold rose $2.55, or 0.2 percent, to $1,519.57 an ounce by 8:53 a.m. in London. Gold for June delivery was 0.2 percent higher at $1,519.10 an ounce on the Comex in New York. Photographer: Adrian Moser/Bloomberg

Gold gained for a third day in London as deepening concern over Europe’s sovereign debt crisis spurred demand for the metal as a protection of wealth.

The Greek government endorsed an accelerated asset-sale plan and 6 billion euros ($8.4 billion) of budget cuts to win extra aid. Fitch Ratings yesterday lowered the outlook on Belgium’s credit rating to negative, following Standard & Poor’s May 20 announcement that Italy’s debt rating was at risk of a downgrade. Bullion climbed to a record priced in euros.

“Concerns over the ability of euro-zone peripheral nations to contain their debt continue to intensify,” James Moore, an analyst at in London, said in a report. “We expect further dip-buying to underpin gold.”

Immediate-delivery gold gained $5.75, or 0.4 percent, to $1,522.78 an ounce by 11:32 a.m. in London. Gold for June delivery was 0.5 percent higher at $1,522.80 an ounce on the Comex in New York.

Bullion rose to $1,520.75 an ounce in the morning “fixing” in London, used by some mining companies to sell output, from $1,510.50 at yesterday’s afternoon fixing.

Concern about faster inflation, Europe’s debt crisis, a weakening dollar and fighting in Libya boosted gold to a record $1,577.57 on May 2. Prices are up 7.2 percent in 2011 after climbing the past 10 years, the longest run of gains in at least nine decades. The metal reached an all-time high of 1,081.87 euros an ounce today, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Euro Area Woes

The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Index of 24 commodities today rebounded after slumping 1.7 percent yesterday, while the dollar yesterday reached a seven-week high versus six major currencies. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), after recommending selling commodities last month, said it is turning “more bullish” on raw materials.

“Debt woes of the euro-zone nations continued to unsettle investors,” said Ong Yi Ling, a Singapore-based investment analyst with Phillip Futures Pte. “Gold defied a stronger dollar and weaker commodities to rise higher in a flight to safety.”

Gold held in exchange-traded products rose 6.8 metric tons to 2,052.36 tons yesterday, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Silver assets dropped 34.62 tons to 14,005.34 tons, the lowest level since October.

Silver for immediate delivery rose 1.8 percent to $35.7225 an ounce in London. Palladium gained 0.8 percent to $736.75 an ounce. Platinum was 0.5 percent higher at $1,762.05 an ounce.


Book of The Week: The Collapse of The Dollar

21 Mei 2011 3 comments

The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It: Make a Fortune by Investing in Gold and Other Hard Assets

The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It: Make a Fortune by Investing in Gold and Other Hard Assets

The dollar is in trouble. Its value on foreign exchange markets has been falling for the past six years, and now its gradual decline is about to become a rout. This spells big trouble for the American economy—but potential riches for smart investors. In The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It, financial gurus James Turk and John Rubino show how the dollar arrived at this precipice, why it will continue to plunge, and how you can profit from the resulting financial crisis.

The United States today is the world’s biggest debtor nation. To finance this mountain of debt, we’re flooding the world with dollars. The resulting oversupply of dollars will cause its value to decline until it is displaced as the world’s dominant currency. Precious metals will soar in value, and gold will reclaim its monetary role at the center of the global financial system.

James Turk, a leading gold authority and the founder of, and John Rubino, editor of the popular Web site offer strategies for investing in gold coins, gold stocks, gold-based digital currencies, and other hard assets to create a profitable portfolio.

The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It is a must read for every citizen and investor.

Dilindungi: Teknik Timing UT 12.45% (Tempoh 4 Bulan)

18 Mei 2011 Masukkan kata laluan anda untuk melihat komen.

Kandungan ini dilindungi kata laluan. Untuk melihatnya sila masukkan kata laluan di bawah.