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Dilema Membeli Hartanah Ke-3

Saya percaya ramai yang mengalami dilema disebabkan panduan peraturan baru yang dikeluarkan oleh BNM. Ia menyukarkan lagi cabaran membuat pelaburan hartanah terutama kepada kategori middle income.

Saya sendiri tidak lagi layak untuk membuat sebarang pinjaman hartanah. Terpaksa menggunakan teknik lain. Berikut saya kongsikan artikel (petikan drp BizStar) yang membincangkan topik serupa, w/pun jawapan yang diberikan masih tidak memuaskan.

Refinancing apartment to buy third property

Our property investment consultant Peter Yee is the author of the books, You Can Become Rich in Property and The Certain Way to Life’s Riches.

Formerly an educationist, he has also been a management consultant, stockbroker, restaurant owner, property investor and investment coach.

Yee has a doctorate and master’s degree in business administration as well as a bachelor of science degree. He runs workshops on How to Make Money from Residential, Commercial and Auction Property in Malaysia.



I have one serviced apartment with a market value of about RM500,000 and a rental income of RM2,000. My loan is RM339,000 with a monthly repayment of RM1,200.

A year ago, I bought another apartment for my own use. But I was transferred to Pahang and I’m renting a house there. My second apartment was rented out for RM1,100 and I’m paying RM750 monthly for the loan. I will return to Kuala Lumpur next year and I plan to buy another house.

The current banking policy is that I can’t get 90% loan for my third property. I’ll only get 70% and I have to come up with 30% down payment, which is quite difficult for me. I have three options.

  • Stay at my old apartment which is about 30km from my new workplace and lose my positive cash flow.
  • Rent a new house near my workplace. Positive cash flow will go to apartment rent.
  • Buy a new apartment by refinancing my serviced apartment. Since it is still new – completed in Oct last year – refinancing it will increase my monthly payment to RM2,000 per month. This means no positive cash flow for that serviced apartment.

What is your opinion on this matter.

Ramzul, Pahang


Congratulations on your success of getting positive cash flow!

Property investment is getting more challenging partly due to the 70% loan limit for the third residential property. Such a loan consideration is now based on the net household income instead of gross household income. The challenge is also partly due to the inflated prices of property in general.

The pricing and rental rates of condominium developments and office space in areas with an oversupply such as KLCC have been declining since the second half of 2011.

Your question relates to the future or about one year from now. Many things can change within one year and the future is uncertain. The general election is around the corner. Other considerations which may affect sentiments include the debt crisis in Europe, the US economic crisis tail off, stagnation of the Japanese economy, soft or hard landing of China’s economy and a slower GDP growth (an estimate of 4.8%) in Malaysia this year.

Property prices in cities and major towns in China, Hong Kong and Singapore are beginning to decline. The pricing and rental rates of condominium developments and office space in areas with an oversupply such as KLCC and Mont’ Kiara have been declining since the second half of 2011.

The reason for the 70% loan limit is to reduce the increasing household debt to service ratios (expected to be more than 60% in 2012). The 70% loan limit may change within a year, so do not worry too much for now. Be flexible and adjust your investment plan, as and when, the changes occur.

If you plan to purchase another house or a third residential property, here are other factors to consider before making a decision.

In considering your second option, renting a new house near your workplace and using the cash flow from your apartment rental to pay for it, is a good idea. This is because you don’t have to evict the existing tenant and it will help you save time and petrol.

For your third option, in refinancing your serviced apartment for the third loan – check with your banker for the maximum loan amount eligible – as the serviced apartment is sited on commercial land with a residential building on it. At the same time, consider the hidden costs such as maintenance fees, quit rent, assessment rates and rental vacancy rate.

I do hope the 70% third residential loan limit will be removed and you can continue your investment plan next year.


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