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RM7200 kepada RM100K

18 Oktober 2012 2 comments

Apakah pelaburan yang membolehkan anda yang hanya mempunyai modal RM7,200 dan ingin mencapai target RM100,000 selepas 25 tahun?

Formula matematik menunjukkan anda perlu mencari pelaburan yang boleh memberikan pulangan sekurang-kurangnya sebanyak 11.1% setiap tahun untuk 25 tahun akan datang. Terdapat beberapa pilihan pelaburan iaitu hartanah, unit trust, saham, ASB, simpanan deposit, emas dan skim cepat kaya. Yang mana satu pilihan anda.

1) Hartanah. Modal RM7200 tidak cukup. Perlu sediakan deposit 10%, caj peguam, setem duti, bil utiliti, cukai tanah dan sebagainya.

2) Unit trust. Berdasarkan rekod Public Ittikal, untuk tempoh 15 tahun memberikan pulangan 300%, tempoh 10 tahun pulangan 204%, tapi tempoh 5 tahun lepas pulangan hanya 17%. Ini menunjukkan, kadar pulangan sangat bergantung kepada entry timing. Peluang mencapai target 50/50, seperti juga pelaburan saham.

3) Saham. Kadar volatiliti yang sangat tinggi. Anda mungkin bernasib baik atau sebaliknya. Tapi peluang untuk mencapai target tetap ada. Saya meletakkan peluang 50/50.

4) ASB. Terlalu sukar dan hampir mustahil. Sejak akhir-akhir ini, ASB hanya memberi pulangan sekitar 7% – 8% sahaja.

5) Simpanan deposit. Terlalu mustahil kerana trend kini, pulangan hanyalah 2% – 3.8% sahaja.

6) Emas. Perlu imaginasi yang tinggi. Harga emas kini adalah sekitar RM180 segram, jadi anda perlu yakin yang harga emas akan mencecah RM2,500 segram 25 tahun akan datang. Ini bermakna, untuk 10 gram emas (berat biasa perhiasan emas), harganya akan mencecah RM25K.

7) Skim cepat kaya. Kemungkinan anda jadi cepat miskin.

Jadi yang mana satu pilihan anda?

Saya memilih pilihan yang ke-8 iaitu Loan ASB. Bayaran bulanan RM600 untuk tempoh 25 tahun. Dengan dividen 7% setahun, hasil dividen digunakan semula untuk membayar ansuran bulanan tahun ke-2 dan seterusnya. Hanya untuk tahun pertama sediakan RM7200. Kini Maybank menawarkan semula loan islamik ASB. Saya agak yakin, dividen 7% – 8% boleh dikekalkan oleh PNB untuk 25 tahun akan datang, kerana majoriti aset-aset dan pelaburan-pelaburan dana ASB memberikan dividen melebihi 10%.


Tentang Emas Terkini

21 Mei 2012 3 comments

Ini petikan daripada blog Martin Wong tentang perkembangan terbaru emas:

Soros Fund Management nearly quadrupled exposure to the SPDR Gold Trust(GLD), a quarterly portfolio disclosure this evening shows.

The filing also shows a bigger gold ETF stake: about 320,000 shares, versus 85,000 at the end of last year. It was reported, a major Japanese pension fund also has been buying physical gold to protect the purchasing power of its retirees.

Note attached weekly physical gold chart and note the successful stopping volume and test of support at the 1540 level and price rejection of the lows. A base of accumulation is forming after the 20 % correction.

Smart money like Soros buys gold during periods of panic, fear, bad news. The Soros disclosure confirms his buying when the establishment analysts/ media/ Warren Buffet is telling the world that gold is a barbaric relic and has no place in a legitimate portfolio.


Jadi!!!  What say you? Anda masih berani?


Tentang Emas Terkini

25 April 2012 2 comments

What say you? Harga emas tahun 2011 agak mengecewakan, tahun 2012 pula setakat ini lebih mengecewakan lagi. Apapun saya masih optimis dengan pelaburan emas, cuma perlu bijak memilih teknik yang terbaik. Lagipun, penurunan harga emas kini memberi peluang kepada bakal pelabur yang masih mengumpul modal. Pelabur tegar pula boleh menambah koleksi. Sedikit hint, pengeluar peti simpanan emas terbesar dunia terpaksa menambah koleksi produk kerana permintaan yang terlalu tinggi. Kemunculan QE yang dinanti-nanti oleh pelabur emas juga semakin hari semakin bertambah probabiliti ia akan dilaksanakan apabila negara Eropah seperti Spain dan Itali mungkin akan default.

Ini pula petikan terbaru tentang emas drp BizStar:

Gold losing lustre, is no more safe haven as price not holding up

PETALING JAYA: Gold, which is seen as a safe haven in times of conflict or faltering stock markets, has been on the wane.

As at 5pm yesterday, spot gold had retreated some 14% to US$1,633.35 per ounce from its peak of US$1,900.20 per ounce last September, suggesting markets are not holding out for more quantitative easing (QE) from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) or other central banks.

Late last year, the European Central Bank embarked on the first of two funding operations to increase liquidity in the financial system and stave off a credit crunch, pumping in over one trillion euros of ultra-cheap three-year funds by the end of February.

Dubbed LTRO, or long-term refinancing operation, the funds were snapped up by some of Europe’s biggest banks including Italy’s UniCredit, France’s BNP Paribas and Socit Gnrale, and La Caixa in Spain.

Despite that, gold has not tested US$1,900 per ounce levels since August and September, when a panic spawned by the eurozone debt crisis sent the precious metal to its record high.

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd commodity analyst Barnabas Gan told StarBiz that gold had lost some of its lustre as a safe haven given the current “risk-off” sentiment.

“The US dollar and Treasury bonds are currently our preferred safe havens to gold due to their relative price appreciation,” he said.

On chances that the Fed may announce further monetary easing after several closely-watched meetings to be held tomorrow and Wednesday, he said it was remote as the US government’s Operation Twist, a bond buying and selling programme aimed at lowering long-term interest rates, was still ongoing.

Nonetheless, he does not discount the possibility for a new round of QE come June in spite of the lack of official hints, as a declining inflation rate and relatively high unemployment may give the US central bank “more ammunition” for QE3.

“Should our suspicion for the implementation of a QE3 this year come to pass, we expect gold to revert from a risky asset to a safe haven asset and rally above US$1,800 per ounce by year-end,” he said.

Another analyst however opined that gold prices were entering a “critical area” and had the potential to be volatile.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd senior commodities strategist Nick Trevethan said prices were forming a triangle formation and could find support at US$1,600 per ounce if it fell below US$1.630 per ounce.

But he added that gold prices had held steady, due in part to the move by central banks in emerging countries to increase their gold reserves to 15% from 5% over a 10-year period.

“There is some buying by central banks but not on a large scale. They buy when the price dips, which has helped to prop up prices,” he said.

He added that the Fed would set the direction this week, and no mention of a QE would doubtlessly be received “badly” by gold markets, which typically rallied in anticipation of measures to boost liquidity.

“A QE would not be politically popular right now,” he said.

(Bernama reported Tuesday morning in Kuala Lumpur: THE PRICE OF GOLD AS AT 9.30 A.M. STOOD AT RM156.12 PER GRAMME, UP 33 SEN FROM RM155.79 AT 5.00 P.M YESTERDAY.

AP reported from New York: Most commodity prices fell Monday because of troubling news about Europe’s debt and the pace of manufacturing in China.

Investors worried that the challenges faced by the two regions could hurt the global economy, which would slow demand for commodities. Prices for gold, copper, silver, oil and soybeans fell.

Gold for June delivery fell $10.20 to finish at $1,632.60 an ounce, May copper dropped 7.2 cents to $3.626 per pound, May silver decreased $1.12, or 3.5 percent, to $30.531 per ounce, July platinum declined $27.90 to $1,556.30 an ounce and June palladium ended down $6 at $670.90 an ounce.)


Harga Emas USD2000?

16 Februari 2012 Tinggalkan komen

Anda yakin?

Petikan drp BizStar:

Gold price set to go up to US$2,000 by mid-year

GEORGE TOWN: The Gold Bullion Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (GBEAM) expects gold price to hit US$2,000 per ounce by mid-year from the current US$1,733 per ounce as the weakening global economy would drive more funds to safe-haven investments such as gold.

GBEAM secretary-general Datuk Joseph Kow said in an interview that from now till March, the price of gold should increase between 5% to 8%.

“We expect gold trading to pick up in the second quarter 2012,” he said.

Due to the Chinese New Year holidays and shorter working days, gold trading is expected to be slower in the first quarter,” Kow added.

Kow added that GBEAM would announce the recommended selling price of gold twice daily to its 4,000 members soon.

“Because gold prices fluctuate every minute, it is necessary to make the announcement a twice-daily routine.

“This will also give our members a clearer picture of the international gold trading market,” he said.

The recommended selling price of gold usually hovers between 22% to 25% of the market price, which would cover labour and operational costs and currency adjustment factors,” he said.

At present, GBEAM announces the recommended selling price of gold via SMS once daily.

Kow said GBEAM’s objective was to promote gold bullion trading to the Malaysians and emphasise the importance of gold investment as a hedge against inflation.

“Gold is generally perceived as money that is universally accepted like a currency,” he added.

An OCBC Bank report last month forecast that gold prices would target around US$1,800 per ounce by end-2012.

The upward trend of gold prices would continue into 2012, largely driven by the negative real-interest-rate environment as central banks were expected to cut interest rates or keep them at historical lows to support growth, it said.

“In 2011, gold purchases made by central banks were seven times higher than 2010, and this sets a bullish tone for gold as the bullion is increasingly being viewed as a store of value by both investors and global authorities, “the report said.

“As such, we believe gold prices to target US$1,800 per ounce by end-2012,” it added.


Emas Untuk Menyimpan Nilai Kekayaan

27 Disember 2011 2 comments

Tahun 2011 menyaksikan prestasi kenaikan harga emas yg sederhana. Untuk tempoh 1 tahun sehingga hari ini, harga emas naik sebanyak 14.285%, cukup untuk menampung kos Ar-Rahnu, bagi mereka yg menggunakan teknik Ar-Rahnu.

Saya sendiri tidak pernah menganggap emas sebagai instrumen pelaburan yg utama, kerana fungsi sebenar emas adalah untuk menyimpan nilai bagi mengatasi inflasi. Anda perlu mahir menggabungkannya dgn beberapa teknik lain utk benar-benar sukses dgn pelaburan emas. Malah ada yg perlu berniaga emas untuk memperolehi untung drp emas. Tidak spt melabur melalui loan asb, hanya perlu membayar ansuran setiap bulan, dan dapat dividen awal tahun nanti, dan pulangan pula mencecah 40%. Ini jelas membuktikan, loan asb adalah pelaburan terbaik bagi mereka yg hanya mampu menyimpan maksimum sekitar RM1200 sebulan. Dan saya percaya lebih 50% pembaca blog ini jatuh dlm kategori ini. Selepas buat loan asb, pelabur perlu meneroka bidang hartanah pula kerana pulangan yg agak lumayan juga, tapi anda perlu mahir mengurus hartanah tsb pulak. Selepas itu barulah anda boleh berfikir untuk melabur dalam emas.

Bagi mereka yg makan gaji dan mencarum dalam kwsp, anda perlu belajar membaca pergerakan saham pulak, supaya anda boleh melabur sebahagian amaun dalam akaun 2 kwsp anda ke dalam unit trust. Tapi pastikan anda benar-benar bersedia sebelum melabur ke dalam unit trust, kerana risiko yg agak tinggi dan kos permulaan 3%. Anda perlu mahir dgn teknik timing UT untuk mengatasi dividen kwsp yg sekitar 5% hingga 6%. Jika bernasib baik pulangan UT agak lumayan, untuk rekod 2 tahun iaitu 2009 hingga 2010 pulangan antara 50 hingga 80%. Tahun 2011, pulangan UT agak merudum. Kalau tidak yakin, pindahkan saja ke akaun ASW2020, tapi dana ini selalu penuh.

Saya berpendapat, pelaburan emas hanya untuk mereka yg telah senior dalam pelaburan kerana ia memerlukan modal yg besar dan kemahiran dlm membaca pergerakan turun-naik harga komoditi global.

Kesimpulannya, pastikan anda telah melabur melalui loan asb, dan cuba maksimakan loan anda sehingga 200K, sebelum melabur dalam bidang yg lain.

Dan jangan lupa untuk terus membaca buku tentang pengurusan kewangan peribadi kerana ia merupakan pelaburan yg paling utama.

Bagi yg telah membuat pelaburan dalam unit trust, jgn lupa switch ke dana ekuiti, kerana nampaknya ada rally santa claus hujung tahun ini sehingga awal tahun depan. Saya sendiri telah sempat switch ke dana ekuiti pada 21 Disember lepas. Untuk tempoh 3 hari lepas nilai dana BSB Timer telah naik melebihi 1%.

Sekian untuk kali ini. Selamat menyambut hari x’mas dan tahun baru 2012. Semoga tahun 2012 akan lebih menyerlah untuk pembaca semua dan murah rezeki.

Dilindungi: Proxy Money

9 Disember 2011 Masukkan kata laluan anda untuk melihat komen.

Kandungan ini dilindungi kata laluan. Untuk melihatnya sila masukkan kata laluan di bawah.

KLCI is Now Bullish

28 Oktober 2011 2 comments

Berita yang dinanti-nanti akhirnya tiba. Pasaran saham global sedang melakukan rally ketika ini. Saya sendiri agak bullish buat ketika ini, sedang berfikir untuk switch semula ke dana ekuiti sejak kelmarin. Malah harga emas juga turut naik. Malam tadi saya ada menambah sedikit koleksi emas fizikal, harga emas runcit dijangka naik minggu depan. Petikan dan graf di bawah akan memberi inspirasi kepada anda juga:

NEW YORK, Oct 28 — A long-awaited plan to staunch the European debt crisis sparked euphoria across financial markets yesterday, driving up the value of the euro and the price of world stocks, crude oil and other commodities.

Major US stock indices, which had been close to bear territory in the summer because of the debt crisis, climbed back into the black for 2011, with the benchmark S&P 500 on track to post its biggest monthly gain since 1974.

Metal prices jumped five per cent or more, US oil rose more than four per cent and the euro gained 2.4 per cent after European leaders agreed to a sweeping plan to resolve a crisis that has threatened to push the US and other economies back into recession.

The deal envisions a recapitalisation of European banks, a far more powerful rescue fund for the euro zone and 50 per cent losses for Greek debt holders.

For the moment, investors shrugged off the fact that key aspects of the deal, including the mechanics of boosting the firepower of the European Financial Stability Facility and providing Greek debt relief, could take weeks to finalise.

“This is not a magic elixir. It’s a very good start and certainly more than people had expected,” Bill O’Neill, partner at commodity investment firm LOGIC Advisors, said of the deal.

The euro surged past stop-loss points as investors reacted positively to the deal, gaining 2.4 per cent to US$1.4209 (RM4.3905). Investors were forced to unwind bets against the single currency as they awaited more details.

World stocks extended gains to hit their highest level since early August, with the MSCI all-country equity index rising 4.3 per cent.

US stocks rallied more than three per cent, and in a sign of investor relief, Wall Street’s “fear gauge,” the CBOE Volatility Index, fell 15 per cent.

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 358.81 points, or 3.02 per cent, at 12,227.85. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index was up 44.31 points, or 3.57 per cent, at 1,286.31. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 93.95 points, or 3.54 per cent, at 2,744.62.

Data showing the US economy grew at its fastest pace in a year in the third quarter as consumers and businesses stepped up spending also helped spur risk appetite.

US gross domestic product expanded at a 2.5 per cent annual rate in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said.

Emerging market shares, as measured by MSCI, surged 4.1 per cent. European shares soared to their highest close in 12 weeks, with French banks, heavily exposed to euro zone peripheral debt, among the biggest gainers.

Credit Agricole gained 22 per cent and BNP Paribas shot up 17 per cent.

The FTSEurofirst 300 index of top European shares ended the session up 3.7 per cent at 1,020.10, the highest close since August 3.

“Decisions have been made, whatever they are, and that’s a good thing. I fear further down the road we’ll find they’re not as good as we thought,” said Gavin Launder, fund manager at Legal & General, which has £356 billion under management.

Crude oil jumped to US$112 a barrel as the European debt deal and supportive US data eased concerns that economic weakness could curb energy demand. Oil later pared its gains.

ICE Brent December crude closed up US$3.17 to settle at US$112.08 a barrel, while US light sweet crude oil rose US$3.76 to settle at US$93.96 a barrel.

Prices of safe-haven US Treasuries and German Bunds tumbled, while those of highly indebted euro zone countries gained.

The benchmark 10-year US Treasury note was down 52/32 in price to yield 2.40 per cent.

Spot gold prices rose US$21.35 to US$1,745.10 an ounce. — Reuters

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